Do you have times when you just want to feel bad?

I find myself hitting these days quite regularly. I seem to go into a mode where I just want to feel bad. I keep focusing on all the negatives., It is funny, in this mode, I can take the best things and put a really really negative twist on them.

It is funny that 10 years ago I was the totally diametrically opposite person. I would always look at everything in a positive light. I would twist any situation to be a positive experience.

Not sure what changed me from a glass half full man to a glass half empty person.

Having diabetes does not help the situation at all. Fighting this disease all day 24 hours, 365 days a year is a easy fodder to think negatively.

I almost did not want to write this post as it would reflect negatively on me some day. A blog is a life long view into your life. But then not writing it would make me feel untrue to my intentions of letting others know what it means to be Living With Diabetes !!!!


Denise said…
Absolutely, there are days that you just wantand I think need to feel bad.I call it the wave washing over me day(s)..then I feel better for awhile. Fighting the feeling for me just sems to make it worse.
Deepika said…
Yeah, I know what you mean. I have diabetics in my family and the fight is constant. Sometimes you just feel like giving up and other days you feel you can beat anything. It is hard for me too, as a bystander, to watch these ups and downs. I too have to partake in the effort involved in lifestyle modifications, etc to help my family.

Do continue your efforts at writing your blog. It is good to know that there are other brave souls too out there fighting the same fight. We need all the support we can get.

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