The stress associated with a regular doctors visit

I know it makes no sense. You would think that after two years of seeing the doctor regularly, one would be used to the idea of getting the results of the latest blood test. But I still get anxious. It starts a couple of days before the visit, when I have to start planning my trip to the lab. I do a 12 hour fast and land up in the morning at the lab for my set of blood draws. Then I setup an appointment with the do c a couple of days after so that the results are in.

Then there is the wait in his office reception area, then the wait for him to come into the room and then finally you get to hear what the results are.

Of the 10 times I have been on this routine in the last 2 years, I have only had one bad experience. This should make me feel secure, but I don't. Outside, I remain cheerful to the rest of the world, nonchalant as usual. Inside I cringe and worry if the numbers are trending wrong. If my feet will stop feeling responses from his needle pricks, if my cholesterol would have shot through the roof.

I start double guessing myself, am I doing the right thing not taking any medications. Will I live long enough to see my kids grow up and have a life.....
I admonish myself for not eating better, not exercising more, not relaxing enough.

As you can guess, the time for a regular checkup is coming up. I need to make time to go for that blood test.


cesnh said…
I agree, I can't stand it! I sit in the waiting room and can feel my BP climbing. I NEVER used to be like this - doctor appointments were NOT this stressful - but now, I do deep breathing as I drive over, a very short drive and I'm sure they will tell me I'm way over on ALL tests. So far, that hasn't happened - but, I still expect the WORST...

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