Back to blogging again

Been too busy for the last few weeks. Things are settled down and now I can get back to blogging.

To start with, first the results of this months Doctors visit, the A1C came out at 6.7. It was good. I was expecting a lot lot more considering how little I exercised, but not too bad.

What else is going on, I am beginnign to get some control after a bout with some cold and cough. I was very worried about how it will affect my sugars. It raised the numbers without any reason. I was uncanny to not be eating anything and still having numbers out of nowhere. But I kept my cool and told myself it is a temporary thing. I was beginning to have some sugars that were reaching closer to 120 in the morning, but then I started hitting 135s and even went all the way to 150.

Next week I am going to eat dinner early - 8:00 PM and not eat anything carbs before going to bed. With some small amounts of moderate exercise, should be back in business. Have to get though this holiday season with suagrs in control. Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan is an odd quarter of the year. The temperatures plumment and it seems to raise sugras without any reason, must be the cold response. Then you are loaded with food based celebrations. It is a challenge to keep eating well during this season. I think I can do it wihout blowing a stress gasket.


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