Why no medication?

I got this question asked recently in one of the comments posted to my blog entries and it got me thinking. I am not sure why I am so much against taking the medicine to control my diabetes.
So here are some random thought that come to mind -
1) When I did take Glyburide for a month I had three low sugar moments which were definitely not a pretty side to handle. I was a nervous wreck going to work and coming back always wondering if I have food and will I be able to catch the sign in time on the freeway as I drive.
2) Most medicines have side affects. Nothing is free in this synthetic world.
3) Looking at the literature tells me that once you are on the medicines you are sort of on a ladder systems. You have to keep changing them till you get to Insulin in the end.
4) I understand that eventually I might have to get to the medicines, why make a big hurry.

I am not against medications. Infact I have been comfortable popping pills as needed. Just very nervous of being on any pill for a regular dosage. I have gotten to the point where I treat Multi vitamins differently though.

So every day I have my Centrum multivitamin, a tablet of Cinnamon and two tablets of Fish Oil. Seems to me working for now.

The exercise is something that has been on and off. It has been a good two months since I got on my treadmill. I will make it a point to start off this weekend.


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