So much misinformation

I am always amazed by what people think about diabetes.
The ADA seems to have done a good job of taking care of educating people in the US. There is still a lot of work to do, but atleast the general public is beginning to get an idea of what this is.
But in the Asian American communicate I am amazed by what folks still think about this disease. Everyone still thinks that all this is a disease that is caused by SUGAR. The worst is when I meet people who have had the disease for some years and are still thinking that it is all about sugar. I see them eating white flour chapatis and potatoes and still hear them saying how they are controlling their sugar intake as they do not add any to their daily cups of tea. This really gets my goat. But educating them is not an easy task.
I am seriously considering setting up a non-profit of my own and getting down to the process of educating the Asian-American and specifically the Indo-American community about this disease. So many folks at risk for this disease and so much misinformation.


Anonymous said…
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