What medications do I use

This question came up in the comments in the last post that I did.
Right now, I am not taking any medication. It is hard but I am trying to control my sugars just using diet and exercise. In this whole process I am finding that it is much easier to keep the numbers in check for the day, but the morning sugars are the hardest to get a handle on.
Lately my target for the morning sugars is to have it under 120 and the sugars two hours after breakfast/lunch and dinner is to be under 150. So the numbers after the food are doing great. The one in the morning is going 50/50. Half the days I am over and half the days I am under. Still not able to figure out what exactly can I change to control this.
To get better morning numbers, the doc has advised me to take metfornin. I have filled the prescription, but have not taken a tablet as yet. Something in me makes it hard to take the tablet. I think I was scared of the low sugar conditions that I hit when I was on Glyburide for a month earlier in the disease. The doc tells me that metfornin should not cause low sugars, but I fear it still.


Anonymous said…
I have been on Metformin for 8 months and have never had a hypo.I understand it is rare, if it happens at all, on this medication.
It really made a difference to my morning numbers, which were up to 20 when I started out. Now average between 4-6 most days...and I feel much better.
Anonymous said…
I am on metformin for 2 months now, Metformin is not a strong drug and I haven't experience hypo as well. Bear in mind control blood sugar level is number 1 priority, although we all want to get rid of medication.. visit me at bike4life.wordpress.com
Megan said…
Sorry, I have never been on any meds besides insulin for diabetes, but good luck finding one that works!

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