Should we hide our diabetes

Saw a link on the diabetes daily and made me think -

I have not hidden diabetes from people around me, but I do not go out there and make a visible spectacle of testing for my sugars. When I do test, I do it in the privacy of my own room. When I am at a party, I test in the bathroom.
I believe that there is no reason to hide the disease, infact we should be open about it as more people need to talk about it. The more we all talk, the more the awareness for the disease and at times I have helped others who are trying to deal with the disease when it hits their families. There is so much ignorance about this disease and we need to come out and tell people about it.
I also believe that we need not make other uncomfortable by checking the sugars in front of them. I am OK doing this in front of family. My 2-yr old daughter always comes up to me and tell me - "Dad, can I help". She sometimes playacts the act of checking here sugars. Very cute. But outside the house I want to make sure I am checking it in a place where I am comfy, is clean and hygienic. Blood draws and unhygenic places are not a good combination. A clean bathroom where I can poke my hands, check my sugars, clean up are my preferences.


julia said…
I've never checked O in a bathroom. Most of them are filthy. I do it at the table, when we're at a restaurant, or discretely when we're just out and about. You have to be pretty nosy to see what we're doing, never mind get grossed out by it. There's so little blood and we're done so quickly that very few people even realize we've checked.

of course, this all goes out the window when O is in education mode. Then she practically puts up neon signs over her head and invites stares and comments.
Anonymous said…
So why do you use just diet and exercise? Why not meds or insulin? Is that something that would make you accept things more and make it harder or are you just fine without? I'm just trying to learn and understand T2 more.
Anonymous said…
Your site is on top of my favourites - Great work I like it.

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