What exercise equipment do I use

Living in a cold climate makes it important to have some exercise quipment available for indoor activity regularly. I started seeing comments to my blog about people needing some recommendations on treadmills.
Yes, I use a treadmill. I have a NordicTrack which does pretty good. I tend to use a preconfigured routine on the machine. It helps me raise my heartrate into the target region.
I also have bought a Bowflex, but unfortunately have not had the time or the space to put it up as yet. I am hoping that I will have some space ready to get it up and going. I believe that strength training would make a lot of difference to my weight, sugar control and make me feel more stronger.


Hi, I'm doing a college survey based upon various aspects of Jogging & Running and I need to ask cachers from around the world to complete a short questionnaire. There are several themes including weight loss program. I'm using this site (weight loss program) to contact joggers, do you know of any other ways to do this?
Many thanks

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