Stress and Diabetes again

I have discussed this earlier. There is some evidence to suggest that it does impact and then there is some that suggests that it does not. Just very interesting.

My suspicion is that it will impact in some way. There is probably a Brain reaction to stress that ends up leading to higher sugars. Also depends on how you react to stress. Stress at work mostly leads to inactivity as you spend more time sitting and thinking. Not a good thing when you want to be active and have your muscles consume more sugar out of the bloodstream. Stress at home can cause inactivity and eating of starchy foods, which I do not have to explain to folks that are diabetic.

Had an interesting comment from Francois on my previous post on his impact on numbers. Last week it got stressful and I had a 2 hour later sugar on lunch of 200. The food I ate then should have amounted to about 145. That is a huge increase. The highs stayed till the morning when my fasting sugars were 160. Any amount of mental relaxation did not bring the numbers in line. It took a good 2 days to get better. Maybe I need to figure out a better way to deal with the stress.

The American Diabetic Assoc has a post on stress and its affects on diabetes. That is also pointing to some impact. I read in a book that some studies done on this did not find any correlation. To that I say, I do not agree. My personal experience says otherwise and I know that Francois's does too.

Stress definitely impacts your blood sugars, maybe not physiologically as much, but definitely mentally. I do believe that your brain can control a lot of the body metabolisms.


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