Your Diabetes, A Blessing or a Curse

We have all thoughts about why we ended up with a disease that lives with us forever.
And since it does a number or our emotions, we have to constantly question whether it is a blessing or a curse.

I think it is a BLESSING because:

  1. It keeps me thinking about what I eat.
  2. It makes me wants to move and exercise
  3. It makes me think about my mental health and its impact on my life
  4. It makes me care more for others who suffer diseases
  5. It reminds me of my mortality

I think it is a CURSE because:

  1. I cannot eat whatever I feel like, so never free.
  2. It is a constant pain in the butt to plan the day especially when you travel.
  3. Waking up with high sugars is a big downer for the rest of the day
  4. I am constantly thinking about what will go bad in my body next
  5. I am spending lots of money on medications
Overall, I think like anything else in the human condition, it is a mixed bag. 
So my dear readers, let hear your comments on where you believe you are on this issue.


KYcindy said…
It's a blessing because I take care of myself now and am in better health than I was prior to diagnosis.
It felt like a curse when I was diagnosed on my birthday though....
I am blessed because this year is my second anniversary of being in normal fasting and A1C range without meds, so my endo says you are in remission. I know that I will always have to eat this way to control, but the hard work has been worth it.

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