Experimenting with medicine timings

I am not always open to moving the timings around, but I tried it out last week and now it seems to be working better.
I used to take my 24 hour insulin in the night before I went to bed. It was working great for my wake up sugars, but the day time numbers were not doing so great.
So last week I tried to move the insulin to the mornings and lo and behold I have a lot more control during the day.
So happy to report that changing the timing can sometime actually help make things better.


Umang Bajpai said…
Very Nice Article, It Really Helps Me Lot. lot of Detecting Devices Available in market but I am confused with the brands and Products, finally I find Accu Chek as best option for monitoring and maintaining Blood Sugar level.
As we have to work, for us to remain active, fit, and in shape in day time is more important. You are doing very right by changing the time and making sure you get maximum out of it.
katie Evans said…
faissel said…
Timings in everything is important especially timings medecine.
Great Post and Nice Article.I like it.Thanks for sharing.

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