Taking a stand against your disease

Sounds crazy but sometimes I think that I am in a war situation against diabetes.

The disease and my mind are both striving to control the same resource, my body.

My brain is the benevolent ruler of the the domain. It currently control all the pieces of the body and tries to do the best job so that they are all coexisting together in harmony. It tries to keep things going and if something fails, it tries to compensate and see if others can take over.

The diabetes is like an invader. It wants to take over this strong resource and use it up and leave it for dead. It does have accomplices that help it invade the body. It works slowly and methodically. It slowly starts to open up various different fronts to start to make it harder for just one brain to keep fighting. Diabetes is a fearful foe as it does not need any rest. And when it takes over an organ it has no intention of making it better, stronger, faster. All the diabetes wants to do is conquer, use it all up and leave it behind to rot and die.

So what is my body supposed to do?
Simple, the body needs to know that the brain needs to be helped. So at every point each organ and muscle needs to do everything to help the brain in the fight.

So send good vibes through your system and tell it to stand strong and not let this external foe get a strong hold on you.


Anonymous said…
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Mumbaicha Raja said…
Anil, i was reading one of your old posts on fenugreek. Do you still recommand that? Can you also share any recent study on it e.g. sugar level was N before fenugreek and after fenugreek it is n-x.

Thanks in advance.
meg said…
This is exactly what you need to do. Once you start weakening the disease takes over your entire body and it's an uphill battle.
diabetes diet said…
Don't let your disease ruin you and your way of thinking. Always have faith and positive thinking. Start with yourself - stay positive, have self discipline and focus on what you wanted to achieve - which is good health. Eventually, all these emotional distress will go away and you will feel better about yourself.
diabetes type 2 said…
Wishing you all the best. Always think positive and remember there are so many people who have diabetes but living a normal life. Stay happy!
Nice information, many thanks to the author. It is incomprehensible to me now, but in general, the usefulness and significance is overwhelming. Thanks again and good luck!

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