A prisoner of diabetes

Sometimes I feel like diabetes has me trapped in a a jail. I can see the world outside from a small window and can see others have the freedom to roam free and enjoy their lives, but I have to stay within the confines.

Like any other good prisoner who craves the freedom, I break out of my cell one in a while and go romping around the hillsides. But soon enough the Diabetic police catch up with me and bring me back.

My hands are always tied in the back. I would like to be free and spread myself wide and reach as high as I can, but the cuffs keep me in check. They are my own good, to keep me and others safe.


My best regards to you. I understand your feeling even though I don't have diabetes but on the verge of it. My diet keeps me from eating the things that I love eating the most. You should see it as if you are free from all the bad stuff that is placed in this world as a suposed good temptation. Live freely!!!! Peace and 1love.
Raghav said…
Do not feel yourself as if u are in a trap, My uncle is diabetic but he can eat even 1kg of sweets a day. Put yourself for 1hour of heavy walk and exercise like yoga on regular basis. I m sure you will be out of the self created prison. i you want i can ask for some special workout for you.. tk care
Anonymous said…
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madelyn tain said…
well diabetes i know its a very tough to live with it but looking at it in a positive manner does help alot... my grandad has diabetes but then he refuse to cut down on his sugar in take... you can b different you have the will to live a choice...so face it with a cheerful manner
Anonymous said…
What sets you apart from many other's is that even when it gets hard you keep on going . Life is a challenge and sometimes we can think is it worth it but keep going . Because one day you might find you are no longer a prisoner . Hope this helps take care .

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