What qualifies you to be called STUPID

I seem to hear this word a lot these days.

I wonder what would constitute being stupid?

Is it stupid to know that you are diabetic but still eat a candy bar in one sitting?
Is it stupid to eat like a normal person and hang all hope of sugars on medications?
Is it stupid to experiement with extremely low amounts of carbs in your diet?
Is it stupid to hang all hope for a cure on the stem cells?
Is it stupid to not keep on dwelling on the past?
Is it stupid to crave a nice donut once you know it can kill you?
Is it stupid to not have gotten your self checked regularly?

I just feel stupid today!!!


Anonymous said…
Hey Anil, that's not being stupid. That's just being human. You can't always live like clockwork. If you eat extra carbs, you should take it into account and burn it off with exercise or work.
Tony Rose said…
I am going to go with a unanimous YES for all of the above.

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