Loosing Eyesight thanks to my diabetes

Last week I went in for regular eye exams and suddenly my right eye will just not be able to focus on the letters. No changes in the lens made any difference. The doctor then put somethng to inflate my eye and check and told me that I need to go see a specialist ASAP right now. She told me that diabetes is starting to take a toll.

Next day I was in the specialists office. He ended up injecting a dye in my arm and taking pictures of the eye. After some brilliant images, I sat with the doctor and he explained to me that I have leaking blood vessels in my eye. This leave some stuff in the eye that can start to cover your retina.

Unluckily for me the leakage in my right eye was closer to the center of the eye, so it started to affect the ability of my eye to focus. Bummer....

I am going in for a laser surgery today to stop the bleeding. Hopefully not ruin the eyes anymore.

I hate the idea of going blind, but am going to forget about it and get some treatment for now.


George said…
I have a close friend who had this surgery and was able to see 20/20 after healing.

Anil said…
Thanks for the comment.
Actually the surgery I am getting is a laser to stop the leaks. IT plugs the leaky blood vessels.
This is different from Lasik where they manipulate the lens etc to make your vision better.
Liz said…
Good Luck with the surgery. My husband and I know the fear of loosing your eyesight
lost in time said…
I am showing great changes in my eyesight. i have always worn corrective lenses but 3 weeks ago i had an exam that showed i was -700 in both eyes. last sat. i had to return for another exam. my sight had changed again. now my left eye is -800 and i don't know what the right is. the dr said i may have diabetes. Im not sure what to do at this point. i was tested just last june. just a blood test. does it matter what kind of test was done? is this a sign of diabetes? sorry so long im looking for some answers.
good luck on your surgery
Anil said…
Blood test is a good way to know the signs. Best is a blood test that checks your A1C, which will give you an average sugar reading for the last three months.

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