Handling a whole weekend without diabetes test strips

I can say that I love testing my sugars !!
I test it four times a day and then record each data into my site FightType2.com.

Last weekend I finished my strips and asked for a refill, but the pharmacy needed to call my doctor who did not respond in time, so I found myself without any test strips for a whole weekend. I was nervous as hell. I know that if I am not testing then I am not watching what I am consuming. I survived, but did learn some things about myself.
Here is a summary -
- If I am not testing, my diet restrictions get relaxed. This is a spiraling relaxation, i.e. it keeps relaxing more and more as days go by.
- My mind keeps reminding me to exercise. But not watching the sugars means that I am more willing to make excuses to not exercise to myself.
- No strips, less control, does not mean less stress. Each night before going to sleep, I would always stress on whether I am doing good.
- I missed testing my fasting sugars the most. In my head I want this number to be the most in control. Why, I do not know.

I got my strips in yesterday, finally. Checked my sugar after lunch, I was at 131.

Whoo hoo!!! still doing good.


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