Everything goes to shit

The last month has been a major nightmare. Both the kids have decided to act up. Neither one of them seems to like to go to sleep. They do not want to eat, do not want to sleep and definitely do not want to be anywhere away from us. This has lead to sleepless nights, major depression, eating junk and eating and odd times. The sugars have gone through the roof. Morning sugars are heading in the 140's and most of the rest of the day I seem to be running in the 160-170's. Oddly the body seems to be adjusting to this and I no more seem to be having the high sugar symptoms - lethargy, itching etc.
Don;t know where I am headed. I sure feel like a nice big piece of chocolate. I tell myself every morning that I will get things in control, but then it all seems to go to hell by the time the evening rolls in. Such high stress cannot be good, but hopefully it will pass. I dread going to the doctor this month. I bet my A1C's see a big jump. I really need help. Might be time to start taking some medication. A regiment might help getting the life back in control.


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