New Year, new resolutions, new challenges

So now a new Year rolls by.
Not sure why, but most of us seem to give this some importance and take it upon ourselves to resolve to do some things.
So I am resolving to do -
1) Exercise regularly.
2) Check sugars more consistently.
3) Always remember to take my medications
4) Work on being happy with life

Things looked up on the first day of the year.
Then on the second day I got a voicemail that my trainer decide to go back to school and quit the gym.
That is a bummer. Now I need to find a new trainer and do not know if that will work good or not.

So signs from the universe are that challenges will come with resolutions :-)


Unknown said…
Diabetes puts many restrictions in case of food to be consumed by the body. It is necessary to follow steps like the ones mentioned in the post above for a better health status and keeping the body fit to allow a little consumption of various food items.


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